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What is liposuction
  • Liposuction removal of FAT from unwanted places. Excess fat may in the abdomen, arms or any part of the body 
  • Fat can be removed through tiny holes by advanced liposuction technique which gives excellent results 

What are the areas fat can be removed from?

  • Fat can be removed from a double chin, (under the chin), from the breast, arms,  underarms, thighs, hips almost from any part of the body. 
  • Where ever there is an excess bulge or disfigurement we can remove the fat and contour the body to a proper shape

How is liposuction done in NYPUNYA?
  • We use the most advanced techniques and make a 3mm opening in the hidden areas and we perform Tumescent liposuction. 
  •  We insert tumescent fluid to loosen up the fat, later we break it and pulverize it and suck out all the fat so that the area becomes flat and nicely shaped.
  •  The skin over it contracts when good liposuction is performed and this method of liposuction gives very accurate results and is also very safe 

What results can be expected?
  • Before performing the surgery we educate the patient giving all required details and we analyze their expectation. 
  • We show them our previous pre operated and post operated photographs for reference. We fairly arrive at the practical goal point  which can be achieved accurately 

Note: Always, a properly educated client and a professional experienced surgeon can most of the time get 100% accurate and safe results  

 Can a sculpted body be achieved using liposuction?

Yes, of course, it can be achieved. LIPO SCULPTING is a high definition body edging procedure in which artistically body fat is  removed and excellent results are achieved

How is the recovery after liposuction?
  • It is a simple procedure. At NYPUNYA it is a daycare procedure. First two days that patient may experience little soreness in the operated region which eventually reduces from 3rd day onwards.
  •  Results will evidently appear  3-4 weeks after liposuction and they tend to improve over the months  

Is Liposuction SAFE?
  • Yes it safe, unlike whats portrayed on media that it might cause death, which is absolutely wrong and silly. Liposuction, when done properly, is a very safe and effective surgery to remove fat.
  • Deaths which are connected to liposuction are usually misinterpreted and the cause is different liposuction performed in proper modular operation theater by an experienced surgeon usually is always safe 

What are the possible side effects?
  • As discussed earlier, soreness or swelling occurs in the operated region for a few days which is effectively treated by tablets 
  • Usually, patients are recommended to wear pressure garments which will make them feel better. There might be bruising or Harding which will get reduced itself over weeks of time

Does the fat accumulate again?
  • When the surgery is performed properly we remove almost 80% to 90% of fat, and what is essentially needed will remain. So the accumulation of fat doesn't happen  

Should liposuction be done repeatedly?
  • Usually, once it is done properly, there's no need for any repetition but in a few cases, if the client wishes for a touch-up or further improvement it can definitely be done again safely.
  • NYPUNYA also specializes in redo body sculpting 

How to choose a proper surgeon for liposuction?

Please make sure you select a qualified plastic surgeon which an additional training in cosmetic surgery.

Breast reduction by liposuction 

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